Tuesday, April 13, 2010

off I go...


avalonne said...

WHOA GREAT POST. Love how everything is so handcrafty and personal :) Love the illustration :) Have fun in New York! Where will you be going to school and what will you be studying? :) Safe trip!

vanillacardamom said...


Where are you going to school??
In toronto?

by the by: Do you ever have any shows with your work here? I'd love to see them in person!

vanillacardamom said...

2 years of adventure! Sounds awesome!
Back to OCAD then?
I've got a ton of friends who loooove that program.
Considering we like exactly the same music, I wonder if we'll ever run into each other at a show or something! Whoo Toronto.. haha

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Saw you profile on another page. Glad I checked out your interesting blog. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!

Have a safe trip!

vanillacardamom said...
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vanillacardamom said...

sweet, sounds like fun!

i go to ryerson, so i'm at above ground buying supplies a lot too!

look forward to running into you soon!

Mr. Spoqui said...

i like the second picture and the last one
mr spoqui