Wednesday, June 17, 2009


*especially the following songs:
the homeless and the hummingbirds by: alaska in winter
oceanographer by: someone still loves you boris yeltsin
oregon girl by: someone still loves you boris yeltsin

Recently, I have found a lot of old, ridiculous pictures of my family. Here is my dad as a statue:

And elephants and penguins from the zoo!


erin said...

wonderful stuff!

i have always found elephants to be so beautiful. something about the ears and trunk.

very majestic indeed,


A. said...

i love the mood of the's a great mix between melancholic and hope.

bbbethany said...

I love the way you blog in your drawings... and that photo of your dad. Priceless.

eC said...

all your photos are so ethereal, like they came out of a 60's catalog.

that shot of your dad made me laugh


Anthem said...

This is great x

macyaverage said...

is this all your own artwork? Because if it is, it's amazing!