Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april showers bring may flowers

April has kicked off by living up to its word - this morning was grey and rainy as ever. I brought some colour to my day with these pretty tulips, which are now sitting on my desk.

I watched

which was really quite lovely.

"Hey Balloon. Come here. Are you coming? Come on. Are you listening? If you come... I'll give you something. Something bigger than you can imagine. I'll give you a hundred candies! Two million caramel bars! Anything you want if you come... "

Here we go. Ladle.
I'll manage. I'll manage.
The 324h ladleful.
The 4622nd ladleful.
Mao Nu: What is this handsome young man doing with that huge cooking pot on the shore?
Man: Can you not see that I am mighty occupied? Leave me. I have much to do. It is my intention to evaporate all this water. Then I will find my beloved.
Mao Nu: You believe by doing this you can dry this huge expanse in all its depth, its vastness and its blueness?
Man: I know I am merely a humble mortal. But I don't need.... But I need my two arms and all my concentration so please be on your way great Lady. I have no time to lose.
Mao Nu: Your devotion has touched me, your tenacity overwhelms me. I will make this marriage possible.
Man: Oh yes? And how? By means of what miracle? Furthermore, who are you?
Mao Nu: I am...How to say... I am... I am no ordinary mortal. Long ago I went to the mountains to gather rare herbs. I ate them, I ate so many of them that I grew hair all over my body. After that I found I could no longer bear raw meat. My body became lighter and lighter and I to say... I was... I was transfigured. They call me Mao Nu. The hairy woman.
Man: How can you help me?
Mao Nu: Take this golden coin. Throw it into your cooking pot with the sea water. when you have boiled off a litre of water, the sea level will drop by one thousand metres.
Boil two litres and the sea level will drop by two thousand metres. Boil the cooking pot dry and you will see the bottom of the ocean. And when that happens, the Dragon King will be forced to change his mind and allow you two to be united.
Man: How may I thank you, Oh Great Immortal?
Mao Nu: May grace be upon you. Boil the vast ocean dry.

stills from the film:

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You have a really cool graphic style!
Please let me know what you think of my artwork...